Indian rock goddess/bassist Surekha "Rex" Zwenaju, long time guitar guru Harry Martin, and drummer Scott Shadow have joined forces to create a sound that
is a dark vision of music which is at one time tender, insightful, and sentimental, while at other times showing a sharp wit, sarcasm, and dry humor.

Their self-entitled album "Kaniget" combines goth and punk rock, with the occasional hint of 80s, classic rock, and eastern music.  Influences are as
diverse as Rob Zombie, the Doors, Social Distortion, and Ravi Shankar.

From Music Morsels - ALBUM CAPSULES by Mark Waterbury
Vice President - Media Relations, Surgeland Records

Kaniget - Self Titled

"L.A.ís Kaniget have resurrected the ghost of Jim Morrison and taken him to a Velvet Underground concert, creating a retro but fresh psychedelic trip. The obvious Doors/VU influences are given a more ethereal, eerie vibe, with touches of 80ís era Midwest punk, new age ambiance, and subtle goth throb. When you weave this with tortured, emotive vocals and quietly insane guitar work, the result is music with a strange sort of brilliance. "

Kaniget is on sabatical and will return.